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5 Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai To Book Now

Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

Mumbaikars are often in pursuit of a short escape from the daily mundane. So, this World Tourism Day is the perfect time to discover some of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai that are lesser-known. A trip to any of these places is sure to refresh you completely. Booking a vacation to these weekend delights is quite easy. Pick your preferred online travel platform, a few clicks, and you are done. 

Suitable for groups of friends, couples, and families alike, these weekend getaways near Mumbai never fail to impress their tourists. And being less frequented, you can find the tranquillity and rejuvenation that you are looking for. Exciting activities are a bonus here. So, haul out your duffle bags and explore these places for a unique escape.  

5 Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

For a beautiful getaway from Mumbai, here are the best 5 unique places to disappear to on the weekend. Enjoy a road trip to these places or book train tickets; these getaways will give you memories to cherish.

1) Kamshet

Famous as a paraglider’s paradise, Kamshet has a scenic charm and is a treasure of vacation delights. Its thatched houses and quaint hamlets impart a touch of rustic magic to this place. 

Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

Famous for: Paragliding and Trekking

How to Reach: You can get there by cab, bus, and train. Kamshet has its own railway station. 


  • Paragliding 
  • Trekking from Jamboli to Kondeshwar temple and further through the ghats 
  • Bedsa Caves, Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves

Where to Stay: Find hotels, homestays and more in Kamshet

2) Kolad

Tucked away in Raigad district on the banks of Kundalika River, Kolad is a pristine place near Mumbai and loved by adventure enthusiasts. 

Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

Famous for: White water rafting

How to Reach: You can reach Kolad by bus, cab, or train. Kolad has its own railway station.


  • White water rafting on the Kundalika River
  • Tamhini Waterfalls 
  • Trekking

Where to Stay: Find the best hotels in Kolad now.

3) Jawhar

Nestled in the Sahyadris, Jawhar is one of the top offbeat destinations near Mumbai. Those looking for a quick break can head to this erstwhile tribal kingdom. 

Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

Famous for: Hills and Warli Art

How to Reach: You can get there by bus and car. 


  • Spectacular Dhabosa Waterfall
  • Shirpamal Palace

Where to Stay: Book hotels in Jawhar now.

4) Sandhan Valley

Sandhan Valley is a grand canyon in its own right. Here, you can experience the thrill of descending into the “Valley of Shadows”. Also, it is among the most idyllic offbeat weekend getaways from Mumbai.

Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

Famous for: Trekking and cliff camping

How to Reach: Sandhan Valley is easily accessible by train, bus, cab, or jeep. 


  • The descent into Sandhan Valley
  • Exciting “Hanging Camps”
  • Rappelling
  • Moonlight camping

Where to Stay: See the best of Sandhan Valley’s hotels here.

5) Dakshin Kashi

Comprising Srivardhan, Diveagar, and Harihareshwar, coastal Konkan offers its best to nature lovers. If you are a beach-fan, looking for an unspoilt beach vacay, these places are for you. 

Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai

Srivardhan hides rich treasures of Peshwa history, Diveagar has a soft sandy beach to entice you, and Harihareshwar has religious significance in the form of a famous Shiva temple.

Famous for: Beaches and seafood

How to Reach: The nearest railway station to Diveagar is Mangao. Diveagar is easily accessible by bus and cab. From Diveagar, you can take the scenic road route to Harihareshwar. 


  • Pristine beaches of Srivardhan and Diveagar
  • Ancient Shiva Temple and the spectacular “pradakshina” route around it 
  • Dolphins and turtles

Where to Stay: Book your beach vacay near Dakshin Kashi now.

Now, ditch the usual weekend hideouts and explore the hidden gems for a getaway near Mumbai. These weekend getaways near Mumbai bring you exotic experiences. So, the right time to start planning your trip to these places is now. Hurry! Holidays to treasure are calling you. If you are looking for great weekend getaways from Bengaluru, Delhi or Ahmedabad, we have them all ready for you.

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