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What Are Human Rights and Why Do We Need Them

What are human rights

What are Human Rights? We have inherent value in our lives simply because we are human beings. A set of rights preserves this value and worth. Each of us enjoys them from birth regardless of our race, country, ethnicity, gender or societal status. Books, historians and lawyers often describe these rights as ‘Universal and Inalienable’.

What does that mean? Every human being born on this earth is worthy of these rights regardless of where they are, and that no State or body can take those rights away from us. Sounds like more than just a Civics Chapter, right? There’s a reason we’ve established these rights. We celebrate International Human Rights Day on December 10th, so it’s a good time to learn more about them. Let’s jump right in!

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Why Do These Rights Matter?

Human beings are social, interdependent beings. But, we are also very diverse in terms of the colour of our skin, the money in our bank accounts and our status in society. These rights are put into place to protect us from being exploited (used) or discriminated against by a stronger majority within a State or country.

These rights also help us be equal and have the freedom to make our own choices, earn a livelihood, participate in politics. If we face a problem or someone discriminates against us, we can get the help of the police and court thanks to our human rights. They also ensure that we live a well-rounded life where we can access education, work and even leisure (as that is an integral part of life).

What Are Some Human Rights?

A few of the most common human rights that we all have are:

  • Right to Equality
  • Right to Marriage and Family
  • Freedom from Slavery and Discrimination
  • Right to Social Security
  • Right to Education
  • Freedom of Opinion and Informatio
  • Right to Rest and Liesure. 

To ensure that no one violates our human rights, the United Nations appointed an Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Human Rights Activists worldwide pick up on issues where there is an infringement of people’s human rights to bring them justice and resolve their issues. 

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