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Memory Tips – How To Remember Better

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Are you always forgetting things and want to know how to remember better? Well, hop on because we have a few memory tips for you to build a strong memory for yourself.

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Always ask questions, no matter how silly it sounds! Sometimes recalling a question can help you remember the answer.


You could make a rhyme, song or acronyms for yourself if that works for you. This also helps in associating and retaining information for the long term.

Visual Aids

Play games with visual aids or flashcards that help you recollect things based on associations with the images.

Personal Experiences

Draw analogies with personal experiences that you can relate to the next time you need to recall the subject.

Mind Maps

Create a mind map of ideas and how they relate to one another. Connections between words and topics will help you engage and understand the material.

Power of Association

Have a set of keywords ready to be associated with other concepts that can help you make a distinction easier.


Try to explain the concept you’re finding hard to remember to another person. This helps you to memorize it as well as understand it better.

Chunk It

Try to start with small-sized bits of information rather than consuming it all at once. Start small and build up your comprehension from there.

Color Codes/Highlighters

Use colours and patterns to boost your memory and connect experiences and instances for the long run!

Remember, don’t stress too much; it’ll all happen in good time if you try to follow the tips above regularly! Until then, keep questioning & keep learning! If any of these tips have helped you, see how you can keep your memory sharp, no matter what your age is.

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