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6 Tiger Cub Facts You Need to Know About!

As wildlife enthusiasts, we are always on the lookout for cool new animal facts. And when we say wildlife, tigers can’t be far behind! But how come you only ever hear fun stuff about the big cats but don’t know much about their young? This International Tiger Day, here are some roarsome tiger cub facts you should know, even if wildlife isn’t really your cup of tea!

1. Tiger Cubs Are Born Blind

Tiger cubs are born with a membrane covering their eyes. When it breaks open, their vision is still hazy, and that takes a few weeks to sharpen.

2. Tigers Are Born With Blue Eyes

Tiger cubs are born with milky blue eyes. With their growth, their eyes also turn to the usual gold color we see. Only white tigers retain blue eyes for life.

3. Female Cubs Survive Better Than Males

Male cubs wander more than females. This makes them more susceptible to dangers; they have greater chances of being killed as they venture into unknown territories.

It is good to know that their maximum weight is up to 3.5 pounds only when tiger cubs are born. That is equivalent to 12 medium-sized oranges!  
Put these tiny creatures into dangerous situations, and the odds aren’t great in their favour!

4. White Tiger Cubs Are Extremely Rare In the Wild

There are only 1 in every 10,000 white tiger cubs in the wild. Those born in captivity are usually inbred, having several congenital conditions.

5. There Is Always a Dominant Cub

There is one cub in every litter that dominates the pack. This cub isn’t necessarily the largest male but can be a female as well.

The dominant one is also the mother’s favorite.

Tiger Cub Facts - Indian Tiger and Cubs

6. Cubs Learn To Hunt By Imitation

Cubs start with hunting lessons when they are 6 months old by observing their mother’s stalking and hunting patterns.

Once the cubs grow older than 18 months of age, she allows them to take charge of hunting.

These powerful predators play an instrumental role in maintaining the ecosystem balance with their dominance. Unfortunately, they are the pride of wildlife but are under threat because of human encroachment into their territories and poachers.

To save the tiger, it’s good to know as much as we can about them. This is a fun way to learn about the cute beginnings of this mighty species. On International Tiger Day, let’s all do our bit to lessen the threat to these fantastic beasts.

If you want action and not just words, check out this fantastic list of zoos where you could adopt a tiger, elephant, or even a lion!

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Written by Nidhi

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