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Fun Tongue Twisters For Kids: Easy Tips To Wow Your Friends

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Be it at lunchtime with our friends or as a party game, tongue twisters are always fun to try! We’re sure you’ve heard of the short and sweet varieties of tongue twisters like ‘Red Bulb, Blue Bulb’, but arguably, the most popular tongue twister of our childhood is, ‘She sells seashells on the seashore.’ Come on, say it five times quickly. Let’s see how far you get! 

Have you ever questioned why tongue twisters are so hard to say? Tongue twisters often feature consonant sounds (speech sounds made by non-vowel alphabets) close to each other. When these sounds–like ‘Sh’ or ‘S’–are placed close together and need to be said rapidly, our brain gets a little confused.

We use different parts of our mouth to make different consonant sounds, and the more similar the sounds are, the more confused we get! It’s like when you first try to play the drums and aren’t sure what will make music, and what’s just plain noisy.

To master tongue twisters, try enunciating them slowly multiple times. You can do this when you are doing your chores every day. It’ll make the tasks go by quicker, and you’ll be a Tongue Twister Title-Bearer. Allow your tongue to be familiar with the consonant sounds and build up speed over time as you practice. Watch how you become a tongue twister prodigy and impress all your friends!

Here’s a little chart you can save to help you beat those pesky mouthfuls of words and be the champ!

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Practice the skills you’ve just learned on these fun tongue twisters.

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Does your mother tongue too have tongue twisters? If so, which one’s your favorite?
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