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8 Terrific Games to Challenge Your Brain Today

Challenge your Brain

Train Your Brain Day is observed on October 13th every year. The day encourages you to challenge your brain and enhance its potential capacity to the maximum. Your working memory can boost your performance as your organizational skills, productivity, and decision-making get better. 

Mind games are an amazing way to increase your brain capacity. These are fun methods to exercise your brain and sharpen it while improving memory among other benefits. Games for the brain challenge the mind and help it to grow and expand. It is proven that if you dedicate just 15 minutes to brain training on daily basis, your brain function can improve. 

So, here are some games to train your brain.

1) Rebus Puzzles

A Rebus puzzle asks a question and provides clues to the answer through numbers, letters, pictures and symbols. They are also called Frame Game or Word Picture Puzzle.

Challenge your Brain: Rebus

Part of the brain it activates – Puzzles activate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. When you solve a puzzle, dopamine rushes in your nucleus accumbens (the area of the brain responsible for rewards and reinforcement). 

Good for – Improving cognitive function and memory, and helping prevent the loss of brainpower

For age group – Suitable for different age groups, ranging from 4-5 year-old kids to adults, depending on the difficulty level.

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2) Rubik’s Cube

Did you know that there are 3 billion possible combinations in a Rubik’s cube? This 3-D combination puzzle is the world’s largest selling puzzle game. 

Challenge your Brain: Rubiks

Part of the brain it activates – Solving a Rubik’s Cube improves your muscle memory. This is the part of the brain that remembers tasks after repetition.  

 Good for – Memory, problem-solving, concentration, configuration

For age group – Anyone from 3 years and above  

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3) Sudoku

This is a number placement, logic-based game. In addition to its conventional form, Sudoku is available in variants such as Alphabetical Sudoku and Twin Sudoku. 

Challenge your Brain: Sudoku

Part of the brain it activates – PFC (prefrontal cortex) – the most important area in the brain that participates in executive functions. 

Good for – Attention, working memory, decision-making, creativity, and problem solving (as per various functional neuroimaging studies)

For age group –  With a basic understanding of math and numerals, Sudoku is recommended for players of ages 8 and up.

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4) Crosswords

A classic brain trainer, crosswords not only access verbal language cues but also memory from many knowledge dimensions. 

Challenge your Brain: crossword

Part of the brain it activates – both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and rushes dopamine in your nucleus accumbens

Good for – Our sense of judgment, concentration level, and emotions 

For age group – 10 years and above (based on the vocabulary)

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5) Luminosity

It is among the most established brain training and mental fitness programs backed by science that allows you to keep track of your results and improvement.

Challenge your Brain: Luminosity

Part of the brain it activates – The frontal lobe (important for cognitive functions and control of voluntary movement or activity)

Good for – Underlying broad cognitive abilities  

For age group – Kids above 13 years and up 

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6) Brain Age Concentration Training

This is a brain training and mental fitness system for the Nintendo 3DS system. 

Challenge your Brain: nintendo3ds

Part of the brain it activates – The cerebral cortex (the part of the brain associated with our memory, thought, attention, awareness, and consciousness)

Good for – Concentration, memory, calculation, and other brain skills

For age group – 13 years and above  

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7) Queendom

Take IQ tests, emotional intelligence tests, and more at this powerhouse of quiz games.

Challenge your Brain: queendom

Part of the brain it activates – The frontal lobe (important for cognitive functions and control of voluntary movement or activity)

 Good for – Cognitive abilities  

For age group – 13 years and above  

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8) Mendi

It is the combination of the headset and the software. The game is a neurofeedback system designed for home use. It is a smart and natural way to take care of your brain and mental health. 

Challenge your Brain: mendi

Part of the brain it activates – Deals with the brain as a whole to maximize its well-being and health

Good for – Training and strengthening your brain

For age group – Working professionals

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Therefore, it can’t be denied that the best time to train your brain is now. These games work wonders to reduce stress. This eventually improves your productivity at work and leads to overall contentment at personal and professional levels. So, take time to polish your brain skills, improve your memory and creativity, and get your brain exercising with games for the brain.

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Written by Nidhi

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