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5 Ways Your Kids Can Be Tolerant In Daily Life

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As children, we have our fair share of fights and scraps – be it with our siblings at home or with our classmates in playgrounds. While disagreements are common, what we need to realize is the actual value of being tolerant. Tolerance refers to the willingness to co-exist with people who have different opinions from us. In this world, you’ll meet and interact with people of all backgrounds and beliefs. That’s why learning to tolerate their quirks and differences might come in handy more than you’d think. A common belief in society is that people can learn values like tolerance and compassion only once they turn 18. But little kids may benefit significantly from learning the skill of tolerance. 

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Here are five ways to practice tolerance in your daily life if you’re a child: 

Bond with your siblings

Maybe you fight with your siblings like Tom and Jerry. Still, these are the best friends to have for life. So, try to find a day in the week when you play with them or watch a movie together. Set aside your differences and just have a good time!

Be Neighbourly

Go out of your way to be friendly and socialize. Ask people questions you would like to be asked and take the initiative to make friends.

Feed your Curiosity

If you’ve got friends from other religions/ethnicities/ways of life, ask polite questions and make an effort to understand the differences and widen your perspective. However, remember to keep the questions polite and ask with an open mind. Don’t get judgemental or pry into other peoples’ lives.


Encyclopedias, history, books, the internet – it’s all at your disposal. Read about other cultures and ethnicities. Knowledge leads to tolerance!

Agree to Disagree

Even if you come across opposing perspectives, try to get to a meaningful resolution without getting into arguments!

You need to know and remember that many topics might not have a right or wrong answer or can have many views. Also, you don’t have to be “right” all the time. Sometimes, being kind is far more important. So, learn about other perspectives and broaden your mind today!

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Written by Rida

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