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4 Brilliant Tips For A Beautiful Handwriting

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Handwriting is not just about scribbling on paper with pen or pencil. It’s multi-tasking. Handwriting skills help you develop better reading and spelling. You can easily recall information and also remember it well. Beautiful handwriting is a plus in student life and helps in several tasks later, such as filling in forms, signing documents, and writing projects and assignments. 

Good handwriting helps you improve reading fluency because it makes letters visually appealing and boosts remembering what you wrote. Handwriting can also help you stay ahead in your studies because excellent writing positively impacts grades.

So, if you want to develop beautiful handwriting, here are 4 ways to ace it. 

1) Get a Grip

Hold your pen or pencil between your thumb’s end and index finger. The proper way to hold it with the perfect grip ensures better handwriting. While this is one of the most complex parts for kids to achieve, once they get it, they’re set!

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2) Pinpoint the Problem 

There are four main areas to focus on when you practice writing – letter formation, sizing, spaces between words, and line alignment. Once you understand each of them, then you can practice getting them nailed. 

3) Keep those Lines Connected

If you want to ace cursive handwriting, keep the letters connected in a word. Never rush while writing. Most importantly, never forget the golden rule to cursive writing – every letter must be linked to the next when you form a word.

4) Practice makes Perfect

Continue practising to improve your handwriting. Be it a bowl of leftover sauce, a foggy mirror, seashore, or a mud-patch in your garden; keep writing with your fingers, a stick, or pencil. The more you write correctly, the better your writing will get.

Since your handwriting is read and communicates meaning to the reader, it must be legible. Beautiful writing offers several opportunities to develop your artistic and written expression. With the tips above, you can get beautiful handwriting. Start today! Want to check out our other articles for kids? Here you go!

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Written by Nidhi

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