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How Many Languages Can You Say Hello In?

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Hello is a wonderful word! You can greet people, start conversations, make friends and so much more with just one simple word. There’s a word for Hello in over 5000 languages. Relax, we won’t ask you if you know all of them! But if you want to figure out how many languages you can greet people in, take this quiz now!

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    Lets start simple. You are in Spain today, what do you say?

    • Olá!
    • Hola
    • Alô!
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    Now, you’ve headed to Hawaii for some R&R. How do you greet the people?

    • Aloha
    • Mahalo
    • Haole
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    Head into India for a while – land in New Delhi. What do you say?

    • Ki haal hai?
    • Sat Sri Akal
    • Namaste
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    Break done, you head to New Zealand. When you say hello in Maori, what do you say?

    • Kia Kaha
    • Kia Ora
    • Tu Meke
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    You want some cold, you head to the bottom of the world. Russian is the most commonly spoken language in Antarctica. How can you say Hi (informally) to the folks you meet?

    • Do svidaniya
    • Privet
    • Pozhaluysta
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    Jet-setting across the world to Europe, you land in Denmark. How can you say Hello in Danish?

    • Goddag
    • Nej
    • Hej
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    Looking forward to some shopping, you land in the UAE. Say hello to all the people you meet

    • Marhaba
    • Maazera
    • Shukran
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    Keep travelling, and see the Serengeti National Park. How do you greet your Tanzanian guide in Swahili?

    • Kwaheri
    • Hujambo
    • Safari njema
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    You head next to South America to research the Incas. You want to say hello in the Quechua language so you say

    • Allin tuta
    • Intindini
    • Rimaykullayki
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    You end your world travels in Japan. How do you greet the people of this island nation?

    • Arigatou
    • Sumimasen
    • Kon’nichiwa

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