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Are you actually a kind person?

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There are so many situations in which we do things for others around us and hear “Oh, (s)he is so kind.” This World Kindness Day, take the quiz to find your kindness quotient! Are you going to surprise yourself or do you know just how much of a kind person you are?

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    You’ve just finished your exams and you have amazing plans for the next month. You bump into a friend who has just flunked an exam and badly needs your help. What do you do?

    Kind person - Ques 1
    • You spend some time cheering them up, and then ask them to hit the books
    • Tell them it’s tough luck, they should have studied earlier
    • Offer them your notes, but stay firm on your plans
    • Understand what’s the hardest for them, and spend some time coaching them over that
    • Drop your plans and ensure your friend passes. Nothing’s more important
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    You start telling a story, but half-way through realize that it might get a friend into trouble. What do you do?

    Kind person - Ques 2
    • Stop awkwardly and refuse to continue
    • Continue the story, but put yourself in your friend’s place so you get in trouble instead
    • Tell it anyway, it’s really funny
    • Change the story smoothly mid-narration
    • Cut the story short, but gloss over your friend’s role
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    You hang out with some cool people, but you see them bullying another person. You?

    Kind person - Ques 3
    • Stand there, but don’t say anything
    • Speak up and tell them why it’s unfair to bully
    • Join them because it’s the cool thing to do
    • Go against your friends and start a fight
    • Ask them to stop once, but just stay silent if they don’t
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    Which of these situations do you think shows real kindness?

    Kind person - Ques 4
    • Helping a friend out when the teacher is looking, but laughing at them later
    • Being a shoulder to cry on, but helping others gain strength rather than looking on the bleak side
    • Taking someone’s arm to help them cross the road, but giving up if it takes them some time to walk
    • Dropping everything you do everytime your BFF is feeling low and rushing to help
    • Listening to a friend vent if you aren’t doing something you want to do
  • Question of

    Whether you have a huge gang of friends, or it’s just you and your BFF, how do you describe friendship?

    Kind person - Ques 5
    • You need to do everything you can for your friends. They’re the best things that have happened to you ever!
    • I have a circle of friends, but they all understand when I need my space
    • My gang is amazing, we’re there for each other. If we can’t count on us, then whom?
    • I don’t like these guys, but hanging out with them makes me cool
    • I’m a loner, but if I feel like, I’ll be friendly with some other people like me
  • Question of

    What do you think a kind person’s best feature is?

    Kind person - Ques 6
    • Money
    • Lack of judgement
    • Novelty / Being Cool
    • Prioritize others
    • Politeness

What do you think?

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