5 Conversation Starters To Help You Make Friends Easily

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It is no secret that being social is a guaranteed way to make friends. But it comes easier to some people than others. For those shy kids and for whom initiating conversation can seem challenging, remember that socializing is a skill like any other. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. And there will come a day when you can make conversation easily and without stress. Here are 5 conversation starters to help you make a new friend or get to know someone better

Parents, remember to save this article as it’s worked for kids in new schools, localities, cities, countries and more. Also, variations of the same help adults as well!

The Classic How-do-you-do

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Sometimes going old school helps. A simple Hi-Hello can make you seem like a nice, open person looking to have a conversation. You might feel awkward about making the first move. Sometimes, when you meet new people, it helps you get comfortable when you can find something familiar about them and use that as a base to start talking.

What is your favorite game to play?

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Kids bond over games all the time. And if you find common ground with someone over a game, then that’s a guaranteed friendship! If the other person doesn’t have a favourite game, mention yours. Offer to teach them a new game, and watch the bond grow.

Adults, asking someone about their favourite TV show, movie, band or book is an excellent way to find common ground.

Do you have any siblings?

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This prompt not only helps you start a conversation but also gives you vital information about the other person and helps you know them better. This is the equivalent, as adults, to finding common friends or acquaintances.

What’s your favorite animal?

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Kids love animals. They almost always have a favourite animal and want to talk about it any day. This is a great conversation starter that cannot go wrong! 

Tell me a (knock-knock) joke

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Who among us doesn’t love a knock-knock joke? If you have a good joke in mind, you could also tell them and make the other person laugh!  

Remember, conversation doesn’t have to come naturally, and practice makes perfect! Just keep your head held high, smile and talk confidently. You’ll be making new friends soon and will discover a world of fun.

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