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Friendship Day Special: 7 Games we Played as Kids

Friendship Day

Friendship Day has just gone by. Today, we add posts, stories, statuses, etc., on social media channels wishing each other. But back in the days when technology was not the core of our lives, we celebrated our bonds differently. Playing games and having fun was the main attraction. 

We’ll all be celebrating the day with our best friends. How about leaping back in time when we had a simple life where the biggest worry in life was whether you would be able to win that cricket match or be the ultimate Dumb Charades champion? Your childhood memories will come rushing back with these enjoyable games, and you can share them with today’s kids as well!

Friendship Day - Childhood Games

1) Hide and Seek

  • It has different versions. 
  • But, irrespective of the version, the fun of this game remains the same.
  • First, find your spots to hide and settle down there.
  • Then, let the “den” seek you, while you giggle away to glory with your pals.

2) Name Place Animal Thing

  • If you were great with general knowledge and had good presence of mind, you would have played this game a lot. 
  • Just a piece of paper and pen/pencil, and we were all set to enjoy this enriching game. 
  • One person used to choose the alphabet, and all the other players had to list a Name, Place, Animal, and Thing with that letter. The one with the fastest times and most right answers wins.

3)  Dumb Charades 

  • If we’re listing childhood games and miss out on charades, that’s no less than a sin.
  • The process of explaining to your team whatever name the other team chose for you was very entertaining for everybody involved!
  • True to the name, you have to stay dumb (mute) in this game. You could only give clues by acting. 

4) Land and Water

  • To begin with, we used to pick a patch of land to be water.
  • While crossing this patch, we had to save ourselves from the sea monster that lived within.
  • All told, this game was an excellent chance for all the Drama Kings and Queens amongst us since it combined a fun game and an acting opportunity all in one! 

5) Blind Man’s Buff

  • To start, one of the players was blindfolded and had to catch the other players.
  • While we used to scatter and run so that we weren’t caught, confusing the person who was blindfolded was a whole different level of fun.
  • Finally, the person who was caught first was then blindfolded, and the game continued.

6) Freeze Dance

  • One person from the group was chosen to be the “DJ” (A coveted position that let us play our favorite songs!)  
  • He/she started the music.  
  • While the music played, everyone danced, jumped around and generally let their inner Michael Jackson loose.  
  • When the DJ stopped the music, everyone had to freeze in their current position.  
  • If a player didn’t freeze immediately, they were eliminated. If they froze, they had to remain still and poker-faced while the DJ gave some “expert comments” and provoked them into laughing.  
  • The winner was the last person dancing and jumping.

7) Color – Color 

  • One person had to shout a color name.
  • The rest of the group had to find anything of the same color and touch it.
  • The player who shouted the color runs to catch the others. 
  • If someone wasn’t able to touch the color, they were the next to shout a color. 

With these enjoyable games, your school friends will thank you for reminding them of the golden times. Tag them, share this with them, and make this an unforgettable Friendship Day!

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Written by Nidhi

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