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What to Eat? Tell us about your day, we’ll help you!

What to eat - Main

Maybe you had a great day and want to celebrate. Or perhaps you are just getting through your to-do list and are overwhelmed. Either way, take a few minutes, answer 5 simple questions and we’ll tell you what to eat now. It’s quick, it’s fun and it’ll answer a major question for you! C’mon, let’s get started.

  • Question of

    When did you get up today?

    What to eat - Ques 1
    • I was up bright and early
    • I missed my alarm and was terribly late!
    • I was a little later than usual
    • I’m not actually fully up yet!
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    Did you get a lot of work done today?

    What to eat - Ques 2
    • I’m nearly done, just a bit more
    • Um, I still have to start
    • Yes, done with my checklist!
    • I have time til midnight, right?
  • Question of

    What did you have for lunch?

    What to eat - Ques 3
    • A soup and salad
    • Just some chips and soda
    • Rice/Roti and Dal
    • Ordered in some food
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    Did you get some exercise in today?

    What to eat - Ques 4
    • I answered the doorbell once, does that count?
    • Got a 30 minute walk in
    • I ran for the bus/train twice today!
    • Yup, hit the gym this morning
  • Question of

    How do you plan to end the day?

    What to eat - Ques 5
    • A good book
    • Some music, some social media
    • Some meditation and then sleep
    • My day’s just starting now!

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