5 types of houseplants and why they’re great for the home


Growing different types of houseplants can add vibrancy to your home. They can transform your place into a verdant zone. If you want to grow your own herbs, many herbal plants thrive with low maintenance.

Here are 5 types of houseplants that are great to boost your house’s ambience quotient and are healthy additions to your kitchen garden too. So get out your gardening gloves, and watch your space bloom!

1. Money tree/Money plant

Types of Houseplants - Money Plant

Why is it great for home – One of the best houseplants for beginners; it brings positivity, good luck, and prosperity. If you want to get started now, pick up your very own money plant, complete with pot and launch your gardening adventures. 

Family – Malvaceae

Flowering or not – No

Ape Tip – Water when the soil is almost completely dry at the top.

2. Fiddle leaf fig

Types of Houseplants: Fiddle Leaf Fig

Why is it great for home – Its glossy, dark leaves make it a visual treat and add a touch of exotic beauty to your home. Order yours now.

Family – Mulberry

Flowering or not – No

Ape Tip – Keep the soil moist. However, at least 1 inch of soil should be dry before watering again.

3. Thyme

Types of Houseplants - Thyme

Why is it great for home – Packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, copper, fibre, iron, and manganese, thyme is a healthful herb used in many cuisines and dishes. Buy a pack of seeds, and watch your miracle grow.

Family – Mint family (Lamiaceae)

Flowering or not – Flowering

Ape Tip – While we use the leaves and flowers in soups, stews, and sauces today, thyme was once used in mummification.

4. Cyclamen

Types of Houseplants - Cyclamen

Why it is great for home – Cyclamens are among those houseplants that flower and add a riot of color to our homes ranging from pure pink to shades of red, lavender and white.

Family – Primulaceae

Flowering or not – Flowering

Ape Tip – Keep moist and in bright light.

5. African Violet

Types of Houseplants - African Violet

Why is it great for home – Among all the indoor flowering plants, the African Violet is the one that represents prosperity. Plant your own opulence now!

Family – Gesneriaceae

Flowering or not – Flowering

Ape Tip – Keep the soil slightly moist. Water shouldn’t drip on the fuzzy leaves as it causes brown spots.

APE RECOMMENDS: If you have trouble remembering to water your plants or tend to drown them, this Self-Watering Cord should help your plants stay well-hydrated!

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