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9 Flowers For Different Occasions You Need To Buy

From time immemorial, flowers have been an essential part of our lives. We gift our loved ones different blooms for different occasions. Flowers have the power to influence moods and have a huge emotional impact on the recipient(s). Let’s look at the various flowers for different occasions that you might need to buy and help you understand them better!

Flowers for different occasions you need to buy

1. Roses

Flowers for different occasions - Roses

Roses convey unconditional love. They are among the best flowers to gift on most joyous occasions.

Anthropologists have discovered rose fossils dating back to 35 million years ago. In fact, the oldest living rose is a millennium old!

  • Suitable for occasions: Wedding, wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Congratulations, New Moms
  • Colors available: Red, orange, pink, yellow, white, blue, green, purple, bi-color, and rainbow

2. Tulips

Flowers for different occasions - Tulips

These charming flowers infuse joy in both the giver as well as the receiver. The Tulip Gardens of Kashmir and the Netherlands are famous for their incomparable beauty.

Fun fact: In the 17th century, tulips were far more expensive than some homes!

  • Suitable for occasions: Birthday, Valentine’s Day or any romantic occasion, wedding anniversary, apology
  • Colors available: white, cream, yellow, red, pink, purple, violet, orange, salmon, green, and a mixed category that includes vermillion, brown, black, bronze, maroon, and apricot

3. Lilac 

Flowers for different occasions - Lilacs

Lilac flowers represent the headiness of your first love. If you choose to combine this flower bouquet with a gift, the receiver will be more than elated.

Psst, these are also excellent choices for gifts for your mom, sister, or girlfriend

  • Suitable for occasions: New relationship, birthday, “just†gifts
  • Colors available: Purple to lilac, light blue, pale yellow, magenta, pink, dark burgundy, or white

4. Orchids

Flowers for different occasions - Orchids

These exotic and delicate blooms represent love and luxury.  They are also the most amazing flowers to gift your mom. Its different hues stand for love, luck, and hope.

These beautiful flowers also come with the tiniest seeds in the world, with up to 3 million seeds inside a single seed pod.

  • Suitable for occasions: Mother’s Day, baby shower, birthday, get well soon
  • Colors available: Blue, red, pink, white, purple, yellow, orange, and green

5. The Stargazer Lily

Flowers for different occasions - Stargazer Lily

These exotic and delicate blooms represent love and luxury.  They are also the most amazing flowers to gift your mom. Its different hues stand for Does your sweetheart has a weakness for flowers? In that case, surprise her with this unusual, yet lovely, choice! It also symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

Not just the delicate, lovely blooms, but the oil extracted from these flowers has healing and softening properties.-

  • Suitable for occasions: Anniversary, new relationship, birthday, special events, funeral
  • Colors available: Pink, white, yellow

6. Carnations

Flowers for different occasions - Carnations

Carnations represent pure love, romance, and care. These are fantastic flower gifts. They are especially great for couples who are celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Fun fact: Ancient Romans and Grecians revered carnations.

  • Suitable for occasions: Mother’s Day, Good Luck, Fun Anniversaries, wedding anniversary, birthday 
  • Colors available: Pink, white, red, yellow, and scarlet

7. Daisy

Flowers for different occasions - Daisy

These tiny flowers are the epitome of joy, love, and innocence. Daisies are the best choice to express your love to your mom or dad or someone you care about.

These colorful little blooms can even have petals of one color and the center of the other. It can be orange with yellow center, yellow with a dark red center, white with yellow center, pink with yellow center, etc.

  • Suitable for occasions: Get well soon, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, New Love
  • Colors available: Several colors, including white, pink, red, and blue 

8. Iris

Flowers for different occasions - Iris

This sophisticated bloom is among those romantic flowers that show unconditional love. You can gift it on several different occasions.

Traditionally, it is a flower of power and royalty. You can choose either the bearded or the beardless variants.

  • Suitable for occasions: Wedding, love proposal, showing gratitude
  • Colors available: Purple, blue, red, peach, yellow, orange, black, white, and bicolor blends

9. Camellia

Flowers for different occasions - Camellia

This lovely flower is an excellent pick for couples who are celebrating milestone anniversaries. These are also good for family events and days like Father’s Day. So, when you want to find flowers for dad, camellias are fantastic.

Fun fact: Camellia is usually called the ‘tea plant,’ being the world’s most common plant to be used to make tea.

  • Suitable for occasions: Wedding anniversary, family events, love
  • Colors available: pink, red, white, multicolored

Now you know more about different blooms; you can go all out for different occasions. Get different bouquets of your choice for every event or individual. You can even choose to make your loved ones’ day, week, and year and gift them seeds of their favorite flowers. This way, they will always have their best-loved blooms around them!

Do you have a favorite flower that you would like us to tell you more about? Then, write to us in the comments below, and we’ll give you the low-down!

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