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8 Upcycling Hacks That Are Easy On The Pocket

Are you looking for some great upcycling hacks to breathe new life into the worn-out items at home that you don’t want to trash? Today, we bring you some brilliant ideas to turn everyday objects into great wardrobe accessories and furniture. With these upcycling hacks, you’ll be able to add value to the items, making them more aesthetically, emotionally, and financially desirable.

Upcycling Hacks – Clothes

Every wardrobe has clothes you might not wear anymore, but you really don’t want to let go of them. Here are some smart upcycling hacks that’ll help keep these memories while still making the clothes usable!

Upcycling Hacks - Cushion Covers

1. Blankets, duvet covers, or cushion covers

Turn your old tees, fluffy jumpers, and other clothes into a lovely duvet cover, cushion covers, or a cozy blanket. This is a great idea to repurpose clothes you can’t wear anymore but are still really comfortable. You can add some funky neon shades just for an added statement, as well!

2. Upcycling Hacks for Bags and purses

Transform your favorite saree, a skirt, or even a shirt into cute bags and purses. Use your creativity, combine it with DIY ideas, and boom – you have a stylish handbag made from clothes you no longer need!

3. Frame your favorite tees

You might have some tees with a sentimental value, and you don’t want to change their original form. In that case, turn them into artwork, get some lovely frames and add your tees to it for some quirky home decor!

4. Cut jeans into shorts

If your old jeans have frayed, turn them into hot pants. Simply cut them to the desired length, leave them loose to fray, or fold up the edges. Add stickers, patches, buttons of your choice, and suddenly, you’ve made yourself a mini fashion statement.

Upcycling Hacks – Furniture

There are furniture pieces and other accessories at home that lose their sheen over time. But you can easily repurpose and revamp these into beautiful bespoke pieces with the upcycling hacks mentioned below.

1. Upgrade bedside tables with simple upcycling hacks

Add life to your bland bedside tables with a dash of paint and strategically placed handles. Combine Warli art with antique-style handles or mandala art with yarn-woven handles for a truly calming guest room bedside table.

2. A new lease of life for old chairs

Old chairs, don’t despair. Brighten up the wooden frame and cover the seats with new upholstery. A splash of color and pattern, and you have infused life to these not-so-fancy furniture pieces.

3. Create a footrest from an old drawer

Craft a cute ottoman or stool to rest your tired feet on with old, rejected drawers. Just take one, paint it and fix a cushion in it with upholstery of your choice. Ta-da! It’s done.

4. Extra Storage Upcycling Hacks

Have an unused ladder? Give it a fresh coat of paint to go with your walls, and use it for a bit of extra storage in your kitchen, storeroom, or even bathroom. Just fix it to the wall, and you’ve made yourself some instant shelves!

Breathe a new lease of life into your old clothes and furniture for sustainable living. It is easy on both your pocket and environment while adding oomph to your home. Use your imagination and give your old stuff a green makeover with the recycling ideas above. With a bit of creative inclination and these DIY tips, your favorite things can stay with you forever!

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Written by Nidhi

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