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6 reasons cats are better than dogs (& will always be)

cats are better than dogs

Yes, I am a cat person. And to me, cats are better than dogs every single time!

So, growing up, my parents taught me to hate cats. Generationally, my family has always been dog people. And while cats were living in close proximity to my house, we considered them feral, stray, undomesticated, and generally unlovable.

All this changed when I was living by myself a couple of years ago, and one night, I heard the meow of a stray cat. Another night, four kittens randomly found their way into my home, and soon after, my entire life started revolving around my fur-babies!

It did not take me long to realize that cats were wayyy better than dogs. And here’s why:

cats are better than dogs

1) What’s better than Netflix? Your own CAT-TV

Rolling, pouncing, playing with anything, and running around the house like mad – these are just some of the visuals a cat person experiences every day.

You can’t be bored when there’s a kitten in your home, and the more kittens you have, the more exponential the fun! So be prepared to have them turn all the random objects in your home into toys, break your vases, and do remember to keep your camera on standby for those slo-mo shots of athle-cats turning in the air.

2) Having a cat is good for your health

No kidding! Cat purring can reduce the risk of heart disease. In fact, listening to the sound of a cat purring lowers blood pressure, decreases difficulty in breathing, and can help you feel calm and relaxed.  

Not to mention that those with pets – dog persons and cat persons alike – are less prone to depression and anxiety. Studies and personal experiences show that having fur babies makes you much happier!

3) Cats teach you how to be patient (AKA You don’t always get what you want!)

Call a dog by his name, and he’ll show up excitedly wagging his tail. But, while cats do respond to their names, they like to do precisely what they want, when they want to do it

If your cattie is comfy in his spot, there’s no way he’s coming out to greet you unless, of course, you tempt him with his favourite treat. And while this may seem like a disadvantage, it’s good practice helping you manage your expectations in all your other relationships! 

4) Cats are easy!

Cats just know how to take care of themselves. Usually, they need no potty training, and cats clean themselves. They find things around the house with which they entertain themselves. If you feel like it, though, you can get them some cat toys which you’ll both find highly amusing!

And you don’t need to give them constant attention (although if you do, you’re both rewarded well!)

5) Have your own little professional pest control 

What’s a buzzy nightmare for you is crunchy and scrumptious to them. So if you don’t like cockroaches and lizards, cats are the best pets to have. These smart cats help you get the pest menace in control in your home. Think of them as your own professional pest service!

6) Cats rule the (internet) roost

Did you know that cats are the unofficial mascot of the internet? However, it wasn’t just the Nyan Cat that rose to fame in 2011. 

Many a cat person has found YouTube success all because of their furry companion(s). If you’ve got the camera skills, and your cat’s got them moves, you are sure to rise to success in the internet world.

While dogs of the internet offer stiff competition, cats are still cuter (or so most cat people think!). 

In this dog-eat-cat world, the fight goes on. So who’s cuter – dogs or cats? Let us know below (Cat Lovers of the World – Unite!)

What do you think?

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Written by Tanya

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