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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing Platforms 2021

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to reach people from different demographics. But before you start marketing on social media platforms, it’s good to know some basic information. So, we’ve collaborated with our Digital Marketing partners – MediaGhar Digital – to compile a comprehensive guide for you. What’s it for? To help you choose your social media marketing platforms well for a great digital marketing campaign!

Why is social media marketing important?

You have many different business marketing strategies, each focusing on bringing in more customers. The best place to hook new customers is where they spend a lot of their free time. This is where they are subtly influenced and talk to peers to understand what works for them.

People spend over 2 and a quarter hours a day on social media platforms. That’s a fairly substantial chunk of the day when you consider other daily activities. So, as a business, having a brand presence on social media is essential. This way, you can interact with potential customers, and help them with excellent customer service. These are some smart moves to build brand recall and loyalty.

What are the different social media marketing platforms you can market on?

There are many social media platforms you can use to market your brand. However, this article focuses on 10 popular platforms. They have different audiences and purposes but show a lot of traction. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Here’s a great guide to the 10 different social media platforms listed above. It includes their demographics, what content works on these platforms, and a snapshot of what strategies you could use to market your brand on each of them.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Platforms 2021

  • Platform: Facebook
  • Users/Mon: 2.6 Mil+
  • Avg. Age: 25-34
  • Used for: Networking, Selling, Entertainment, News
  • Good Content: Images, Videos, Funny, Touching, Inspirational
  • How to Increase Engagement: Groups, Useful Tips, Advertize

  • Platform: Instagram
  • Users/Mon: 1 Bil+
  • Avg. Age: 18-34
  • Used for: Selling, Entertainment, Influencers, News, Inspiration
  • Good Content: Images, Videos, Personal, Funny, Beautiful, Inspirational
  • How to Increase Engagement: Influencers Collabs, Use Stories, Strong Hashtag Strategy

  • Platform: Twitter
  • Users/Mon: 340 Mil+
  • Avg. Age: 18-49
  • Used for: News, Customer Service, Information, Opinions
  • Good Content: Informative, Funny, Influential, Inspirational
  • How to Increase Engagement: Regularity, Relevance, Advertising, Strong Hashtag Strategy

  • Platform: LinkedIn
  • Users/Mon: 660 Mil+
  • Avg. Age: 28-49
  • Used for: Lead Generation, Networking, Information Sharing, Industry News
  • Good Content: Informative, Thought-Leadership, Influential, Inspirational
  • How to Increase Engagement: Build a Smark Profile, Relevance, Don’t Spam, Use LinkedIn video

  • Platform: YouTube
  • Users/Mon: 2 Bil+
  • Avg. Age: 15-45
  • Used for: Music, Entertainment, Art&Craft, Cooking, Sports
  • Good Content: Smart Ads, Explainers, Tutorials, Reviews, Thought-Leadership, Inspirational
  • How to Increase Engagement: Robust Business Channel, Strong SEO Practices

  • Platform: TikTok
  • Users/Mon: 800 Mil+
  • Avg. Age: 16-24
  • Used for: Memes, Celeb Videos, Breakout Videos, Dance Videos
  • Good Content: Smart Ads, Influencers, Brand Takeovers, Partners, Funny Content
  • How to Increase Engagement: Good Hashtag Strategy, Celeb Collabs Strong SEO Practices

  • Platform: Quora
  • Users/Mon: 300 Mil+
  • Avg. Age: 18-29
  • Used for: Asking and Answering Questions
  • Good Content: Smart Ads, Answers on Popular Topics, A2As
  • How to Increase Engagement: Good Hashtag Strategy, Smart Ads

  • Platform: Reddit
  • Users/Mon: 430 Mil+
  • Avg. Age: 18-29
  • Used for: Content Sharing Based on Interest and Topics
  • Good Content: Original Content, Helping, Meaningful
  • How to Increase Engagement: Good Content Strategy, AMAs, Good Karma Score, Subreddits, NO spam

  • Platform: Snapchat
  • Users/Mon: 229 Mil+
  • Avg. Age: 15-35
  • Used for: Sharing Short-Lived Videos and Photos
  • Good Content: Create Snapcodes, Use features like AR Lens
  • How to Increase Engagement: Brand Filters, Brand Takeovers, Ads

  • Platform: Pinterest
  • Users/Mon: 322 Mil+
  • Avg. Age: 18-49
  • Used for: Image Based, Topic Based Content
  • Good Content: Inspirational, Helpful, Relevant
  • How to Increase Engagement: Strong SEO & Content Strategy, Follower Engagement and Ads

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