Create the best morning routine in 9 Sure Steps

There are morning people, and then there are the owls. While it might look like the larks have their morning routines down pat, there’s always a way to get the best out of the most productive time of the day. For all you owls, here’s a tip – don’t do all the steps in one day. Instead, start with Step 1 on Day 1, Steps 1 & 2 on Day 2, and so on. This way, in about 9 days, you would have created the best morning routine, and see the difference it makes in your life!

You’ll notice that most successful folks have a set morning routine that helps shape the rest of their day. But why this emphasis on the early hours? Because research has shown that having a morning routine can help conserve energy, have better self-control, and keep you going for the entire day. This allows you to make better decisions, and let’s face it – not having to re-think bad choices is always a plus, right?


So, here you go, larks and owls! Your own morning routine to get you started on the road to success.

1. Begin the Night Before

Prepare your morning routine from the night before. Complete mundane tasks like washing dishes, getting your clothes ready and prepping for breakfast and lunch. Then, get a good night’s sleep to wake up energized and refreshed.

2. Drink Some Water

After sleeping for several hours, you might wake up dehydrated slightly, which reduces energy levels. So, once you wake up, rehydrate yourself with 1-2 glasses of water and make it your easy morning routine. This boosts your energy and gets your metabolism to function correctly. Your energy levels are incredibly high for the next 4 hours with this step.

3. Give Thanks 

Gratitude is the best way to start your morning. So, include it in your morning rituals. Before jumping out of bed, think of 4-5 things for which you are grateful. It reinforces positivity to your mind and sets your mood. This will help make you focus on the opportunities rather than hindrances in life/career. A gratitude journal can help you with this step.

4. Focus On Positive Energy

Just as being thankful has given you a boost, amplify it with some positive thoughts and practices that pep you up. For this, meditate, do affirmations, practice visualization exercises – anything that works for you!. With regular mediation, you will be relieved of stress and fatigue and have improved immunity.

5. Sweat It Out

I know, I know, exercise isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But take a 20-minute chunk out of your day and sweat it out. Do whatever you like to pump your blood – cycling, brisk walking, planks, jogging, swing kettlebells, dancing, battle ropes, etc. By starting the day with a simple morning workout or yoga, you can tackle the day with maximum energy.

6. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast keeps you going for the entire day. Try not to skip breakfast as your body goes in energy conservation mode then. It slows your metabolism and lessens your energy for the day. Refuel yourself with a balanced proportion of protein, fiber, healthy fat, etc. A healthy breakfast not only kicks up your energy but also enhances memory, concentration and boosts your productivity.

7. Write a Journal

Take time to listen to and express yourself. This helps you focus on the bigger picture and prioritize your work for the day. Even if it is on your commute to work, take a little time to organize your thoughts and remember what’s important. List your tasks, wishes, desires, ambitions, dreams in it. Take a look at this when things seem overwhelming during the day, and it’ll help you get back on track.

8. Listen to Music

Calm your senses with your favorite music. Listening to soothing music from your playlist or nature releases chemicals in the brain that helps boost your mood. It adds a reviving dimension to your mornings and helps you start your day on a high.

9. Check Your Checklist

As part of your bedtime routine, make a list of your chores for the next day. Add whatever you have planned for the day, such as going to the gym, preparing a presentation, catching up with a friend, going grocery shopping, etc. This gives you clarity for the 80% of your day, so you don’t forget your must-dos. This also gives you enough time to unwind once you are done with work.

Just go through this list every day, and watch your mornings set the tone for the rest of your day. Is there something you include in your morning routine that really works for you? Share it in the comments below, and you might be helping other folks as well!

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Written by Nidhi

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